The Group


Edukea, higher education for natural health and well-being

Christophe CAPOROSSI
President of Edukea

In creating the Edukea group, we want to ensure that the younger generation of students, as well as seasoned health professionals, can benefit from the best training in the field of health and well-being.

For us, the “back to nature” trend of recent years is much more than a passing fad; it’s the result of a collective awareness of the contribution of alternative, non-medicinal medicines, both in prevention and in the treatment of disorders.

We firmly believe that the future of health care will fully embrace the natural approach.

Our Values

Academic excellence

To train healthcare practitioners to the highest standards, with theoretical and practical programs in line with the recommendations of the WHO.


To provide a comprehensive training program combining theoretical and practical professionalization, with a strong emphasis on work experience within the clinical activity and in partner structures, hospitals and healthcare organizations.


Support scientific research into alternative medicine in the fields of application of the Group’s establishments.


Contribute to the internationalization of alternative medicine teaching and research, with leading international academic and university campuses and partnerships.

Social commitment

To enable patients to benefit from the best possible preventive and natural health care. And to do so by furthering the integration of alternative medicine into the healthcare pathway.


Initial training

Health is one of the most popular fields of study for students after the baccalauréat. The Edukea group is committed to offering them the best possible education, thanks to :

  • educational programs in line with the recommendations of the
    World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations;
  • training that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills;
  • professional experience right from the 1st year of study, thanks to an in-house clinic and internships in host facilities (hospitals, care centers, etc.).

Post-graduate training

In the healthcare sector, a commitment to lifelong learning is essential. With its post-graduate training courses, the Edukea Group supports practitioners to enable them to :

  • enrich and perfect their practice through the acquisition of complementary skills
    in promising specializations ;
  • continue their studies with additional training directly after graduation;
  • successfully retrain for a career more in line with their ambitions.
    with their ambitions.

The Research Department

Edukea contributes to the international development of alternative medicine research through its scientific department

Its research laboratory, René Descartes, deploys its expertise through :

  • scientific publications in academic journals ;
  • contributions to trade journals;
  • symposia organized to share the latest advances with peers;
  • large-scale studies carried out using high-tech equipment, with the aim of prevention and patient care.


From the 1st year onwards, research is an integral part of student training. Whether in the form of research projects or final dissertations, the Edukea group makes it a point of honor to enable each student to become involved in the continuous improvement of alternative patient care methods.

In-house Clinics

Learning by doing: the Edukea philosophy

  • Taking charge of real patients
    Thanks to our human and animal clinics, Edukea students benefit from hands-on training, taking charge of real patients right from their 1st year of study.
  • Progressive hands-on learning
    As the years of study go by, the teaching curve places increasing emphasis on clinical practice, to immerse students in all aspects of their future professional life.
  • Comprehensive training
    Throughout the training program, the complementary nature of theoretical and practical learning ensures a high level of skills, for appropriate patient care. Clinical practice enables students to apply their theoretical knowledge, and see the benefits in concrete terms.
  • Expert guidance
    At each consultation, students are supervised by teaching tutors, so they can benefit from their expertise and advice to fine-tune their practice for the benefit of the patient.

The International

Edukea, a major player in health and well-being training in France and Europe

Institutional partnerships

Because education and healthcare are destined to create links, exchanges and synergies, Edukea Group establishments have been developing partnerships with leading structures in France and Europe for 30 years.