Endowment fund

Presentation of the Edukea endowment fund

Edukea, for teaching and research in natural health and well-being

Endowment funds Edukea’s mission is to promote the expansion of teaching and research in alternative and natural medicine in France and Europe.

The funds it receives thanks to your donations enable it to :

  • Grant scholarships to students in precarious situations, enabling them to follow
    the studies of their dreams. This is a way of redressing the injustice and discrimination in access to resources that some young people, however passionate, may be forced to endure.
  • Fund research projects in the disciplines taught in the group. To date, research into alternative medicine receives very little public funding, whereas it is essential that research continues to be carried out to provide scientific evidence of its benefits, with a view to its full integration into the healthcare system.
  • Develop international exchanges of students and teachers, to contribute to the
    and expertise, with the aim of constantly improving the quality of therapeutic care
    patient care.

Our actions thanks to your donations

Thanks to your support, we are able to carry out these important actions


Enabling less privileged students to pursue their studies in health and well-being. It’s about the chance we had.


Fund research projects to help demonstrate the essential benefits of natural and holistic medicines. And this, in order to encourage their better integration into the healthcare process.


Develop international exchanges of students and teachers to promote the sharing of knowledge and the growth of the discipline.

Tax benefits

The Edukea group is a federation of higher education establishments, all of which share a commitment to training highly qualified health practitioners in natural medicine and well-being.

You can choose to allocate your donation to one of them specifically, or to the group as a whole.
Your donation is your choice.


For Companies

  • Tax reduction of 60% of the amount of the donation

For Private Costumers

  • Income tax (IR)
  • Property wealth tax (IFI)